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My works cover a wide range of instrumentation. From solo piano works, to chamber ensemble repertoire, to fully orchestrated pieces.

Composition Recital

Hear a variety of works from my senior composition

recital at the University of Idaho. Timestamps below.

"Rapids" for solo piano - 15:35

"Etude in E Major" for solo piano - 22:55

"One Mind" for wind quintet - 30:38

"Warsong" 3 mvts for string quartet - 40:45

"Lux Luma" for orchestra - 1:00:30

"Waltz for a Mourning Dove" for orchestra - 1:05:20

"Mass in E Minor" for orchestra I. Kyrie - 1:09:40

"I Don't Want Love" for jazz trio - 1:22:30

"For V" for jazz trio - 1:28:35

"She Don't Want the Blues" for jazz trio - 1:34:20

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